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Headlight Amber Delete With Eyelid Overlay 2015-2017 WRX STI SUBARU

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Product Description

2015-2017 WRX / STI HEADLIGHT AMBER DELETE OVERLAY – Premium Auto Styling smoked tint for your headlight reflectors add great styling for a low price! The overlays are precision cut from a durable dark smoked vinyl for a perfect fit and aggressive styling that’s sure to look good on any color Subaru! Made from quality smoked tint vinyl. application takes roughly 20 minutes to complete the entire project.

QUICK INSTALL GUIDE: Getting the vinyl installed on your ride is very easy and only requires a spray bottle filled with a little soap and water, and a felt edge squeegee. You’ll first want to spray / mist the back side of the vinyl very lightly and then position it into place on the headlight. Use that squeegee to push out and remove any excess bubbles from underneath the vinyl, then leave your car in the sun for a few hours just to let everything dry, you can use a heat gun to speed up the drying process if you would like. This entire process should take you no more than 20 minutes to complete.

This install is a 2 out 5 in Difficulty.

Difficulty Rating of 1 is used for overlays that are easy for everyone including first time DIYers. (PIECE OF CAKE)

Difficulty Rating of 2 is used when you should expect installations that are easy, but have a few spots that you’ll need to take extra care. (NOT TOO HARD AT ALL REALLY)

Difficulty Rating of 3 is used for overlays that need just a little time and patience when installing. Extra care is required to help with alignment and getting the film to lay down correctly. (TAKE YOUR TIME YOU’LL BE FINE)

Difficulty Rating of 4 is used when you definitely need time and patience to install this product. It would be very helpful to have experience installing vinyl or tint. but it is absolutely doable. (APPRENTICE INSTALLER STATUS)

Difficulty Rating of 5 is a difficult install. We will not sugar coat it, this overlay definitely requires some experience with installing tint or vinyl. Universal Sheets Are Reccomend if the Pre Cut Overlay is to difficult for you. ( PRO INSTALLER LEVEL)

Otherwise take it to a professional installer. If you ever feel you cannot install a product feel free to schedule an appointment with our team via


Smoked appearance
Durable vinyl tint
Allows reflector lights to shine through
Includes driver and passenger side inserts (2 piece kit)
Fits all 2015 & 2017 WRX-STI
Adhesive backed film for easy installation and removal.
Reduces appearance of existing cracks and scratches.
Maintenance free & car wash safe.
Can be removed without any damage to lights.
5-7 year outdoor life expectancy.